Charger Café will open Saturday, January 9th, 2021 and meal plans will be active starting that day.

The following locations will be open this semester: Charger Café, Dunkin Donuts, C- Store, Papa John’s, Chick-Fil-A, Burrito Bowl, World of Wings, Mein Bowl, and the food truck Beast Mode will be on campus.

Depending on your plan, you will have a set amount of meals that may be used at your discretion during the semester. Each time you use a meal or meals in the Charger Café, the number of meals on your card is reduced by the number of meals used. Meals may only be used at the Charger Cafe. One meal unit may be used per dining period (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) unless otherwise noted. All meal plans expire at the end of each semester.

Meal swipes are accepted at Charger Café. Students on meal plan #1. #2, #3 and #7 may use one meal swipe/entry per period. Meal Plan #4 and #8 may use as many swipes as they would like per meal period.

All dining locations accept Charger Bucks, Dining Dollars, Flex, Credit/Debit cards and Apple Pay. With the current ongoing situation we are NOT accepting cash at this time.

Charger Bucks are funds assigned with a traditional meal plan to allow students flexibility to eat at the retail locations as they would like throughout the semester. The funds are spent dollar for dollar at any of the retail dining locations. Charger Bucks expire at the end of each semester.

Dining Dollars are a declining balance account that can be used at any of the dining locations on campus to make purchases. The funds are spent dollar for dollar at any of the retail dining locations. Dining Dollar balances roll over from Fall to Spring semester but expire at the end of the Spring semester.

You may sign up for a meal plan option or purchase additional Dining Dollars by visiting the Charger Card Office in Charger Union, Room 131. You can also visit their website:; Phone: (256)824-2720 Email:

Please go to and complete the Meal Plan Change Request form.

Take our quick survey at to help you decide the best option for you.

With the current situation ongoing we have chosen to have all dining locations offer a take-out only option.

Students will be able to visit the Charger Café and make their selections, but it will be prepared in a to- go container by our staff and given to them to take out. The students will have the option of hot and cold items from our Soup and Salad Bar, Main Entree Line, Simply Services (allergen friendly bar), Grill, Pizza and Pasta Station, Deli, International line, and Dessert. The student will be able to select what they would like up to 1-large container, 1-small container, and a drink for breakfast and 2-large containers, 1- small container, and a drink with paper products for lunch and dinner.

The Charger Café offers the Simple Services station which provides safe & appetizing food choices for our customers with food allergies, gluten intolerance, & those who prefer simple food. All foods offered at this station are naturally free of milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten. All the retail brands offer the same menu as other locations across the nation.

We will be encouraging students to utilize the mobile ordering app GrubHub to order from our retail locations for a pickup and go option to avoid the line. We will have social distancing floor markers and additional signage.

Yes, Dining Services will work with the University to provide safe meal delivery options to isolated locations on campus for students experiencing symptoms.